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When working from home bites you in the a$$…..literally!!

When WFM bites you in the bum

Currently, my work colleagues are a 3 ½ and 2-year-old and today we hit an all-time low. 

My 2-year old’s melty involving him biting me on the a$$!! 

Needless to say, we were both in tears.

Now I’m not sharing because I think I’m the only parent suffering this working from home fate.  Parents with young kids at home, while trying to work, IT SUCKS!!!  I know there are loads of people who would love to work from home (I hear it from my husband everyday) and some employers who curse the whole process.  I have some great tips in my previous blog on Making Home Work, Work but that’s not what I want to talk about.

I want to talk about when remote working is ‘biting you in the bum’.  What are some things you can do to make the whole process more bearable, especially for when what seems like forever (yes, 1 week feels like a month at the moment).

Being realistic when working from home

I need to be honest here.  As a mum of two under 4, I’m told this all the time.  Do what you can.  Don’t put too much on your plate. 

But the reality is, it all has to be done, at some point.  I have no idea how to make it all happen but when it comes to work priorities, my great colleague, Brittany Baldwin from Tick Tock Sales has such a simple formula.  5×5.  5 things to be done by 5pm.  When I can count my to-do list on one hand while I hold off the T-Rex 2-year-old with other, I’m winning.


Be consistent

I have some of the most amazing people in my network and I can’t wait to share their stories with you (stay tuned).  While having the most engaging conversation with Mark Smith from SLF Lawyers, his tip for a high performing business was, be consistent

When we are stuck in, what feels like, Groundhog Day, this could not have come at a more perfect time.  Doing purposeful activities, on a consistent basis, gives you some certainty, and your team, family or toddler-workmates will start to rely on that consistency.

Do something for yourself

Putting my honesty hat on again, I’m terrible at this.  I was only reminded of this yesterday, by my dear coach Melissa Meagher.  Yes, I don’t prioritise this and no, I haven’t figured out how to do it consistently (time to take my own advice right). 

When there is so much turbulence in our business, job, health or society, it’s vitally important to spend, even 5 minutes doing something that will fill our cup.  Whether it be journaling, chatting with a loved one, going for a walk, brushing the dog or mediating, find something.

There are also amazing support services available for individuals and business owners:

New Access: Free and confidential mental health support for small business owners

Beyond Blue: Provides a specific coronavirus mental wellbeing support service

Lifeline: Crisis support. Suicide prevention

Creating connections

As human, we crave connection.  The frequency and method is different for all of us (chat to me about DiSC personality styles) but still needed.  So, make sure:

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  • If you are in business by yourself, touch base with clients, network colleagues or work mates.  Chat on the phone while having lunch, arrange a zoom call to nut out some strategies.  Yes, you can do it all on your own, but you don’t have to.
  • If you have a team working with you, all of the above apply, but also schedule regular catch ups with your team.  Don’t forget to focus on some personal stuff.  How are they going with their T-Rex equivalent?

Although I’m not talking about formal meetings, I have some great tips in my Mastering Meetings download.

Now, I may be really hard on my younger work mates but I do love them. I don’t particularly love their negotiating tactics.  But, we will all get through this, working together and putting our hand up 🙋‍♀️ when we need help. 

I certainly am and I know my butt will thank me in the long run.

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