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Tired of not finding the right people for your team?

Tired of not finding or keeping

the right people for your team?

Recruitment Consultant Brisbane - Exceler8

Don’t let a bad recruit drag your business down

Don’t let a bad recruit drag your business down

When you're in business, you know how one bad recruitment decision can turn your business upside down. It affects team morale, productivity and, ultimately, your bottom line. And, if you're really unlucky, you could start losing the good team members you've invested in and nurtured already. Don't let this happen to your business.

Consider me your internal recruitment consultant. I’m representing you, your business and the rest of your team. I’ll help you onboard and keep the ‘right fit’ employees that will bring out the best in your business. 

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Melissa is very professional but also very personal, which makes her and Exceler8 a perfect partner for a branch of our size that wants the best for our team in terms of work environment, HR care and reassurance that they are heard and thought of by their management. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any other companies distracted in reaching targets and economical goals, needing some clarity with how they can change a more positive outlook and improve the day-to-day work environment.

Sal Anastasi | QLD State and Brisbane Branch Manager

Savino Del Bene Australia

Small business HR consultant Brisbane - Exceler8

The right employee is just around the corner

The right employee is just around the corner

I often hear business owners saying that it's hard to find decent workers. Well, yes and no. It's not that reliable, hardworking and loyal employees don't exist; it's how you go about finding them that really matters.

Before we dive into how I'm going to help you attract and keep the ideal team members, let me set the record straight: I'm the opposite of a recruitment agency. I act as your internal recruitment consultant and retention specialist. I represent you!

But wait, want to know the best part? You can choose the level of support you want. 

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As a recruitment consultant, I can do it all or just the bits and pieces you need help with to suit your budget.

  • Job analysis

    We’ll work out the tasks, duties and responsibilities for the roles within your business.

  • Position description development

    This helps you streamline the recruitment process and gives you the best chance of selecting the right person.

  • Reviewing your ideal DiSC profile

    With the help of the DiSC profile tool, I’ll help you identify the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of your ideal team member.

  • Use your Seek account to post the job ad

    Why is this important? So you own the candidates and the entire process is transparent to you. It’s also a great opportunity to promote your employer brand.  

  • Shortlisting your candidates

    I’ll hold phone or virtual interviews to narrow your choices to a highly suitable pool of talent.

  • Interview coaching

    I’ll walk you through how to conduct interviews using behavioural-based questions, giving you an insight into how your candidate will handle certain situations.

  • Reference Checks

    Another time-saver for you. Let me take those reference checks out of your hands so you can focus on other tasks.

  • DiSC profiling

    I’ll conduct DiSC profiles of your existing and potential team members so you’ll know what the right person looks like and they’ll fit into the team more effectively.

  • Develop retention plans for your team

    I’ll work with you to get a plan together, based on the team’s feedback, on how to engage and retain your staff and key talent

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The Retention Debate

The Retention Debate

Learn the 5 secrets to employee retention and retention boost your business. 

There’s no point finding your ideal employee if you can’t keep them

When it comes to keeping the people you need to keep in your business—I’m talking employee retention—nothing gives more genuine insights than an employee survey. I use a model specifically formulated to help you and your team understand the link between having the knowledge to do the job and level of performance. 

Together, we’ll develop strategies for improvement, like workplace efficiencies, KPIs or undertaking performance management. Then I'll stick around to help you take those implementation steps. That's right, choosing me as your recruitment consultant means I won't leave you hanging with a 100-page strategy that you've no idea how to get off the ground. I'll be right there with you every step of the way. 

But don’t just take my word for it. Instead, let me share the real results that I have helped my clients achieve. 

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Attract & Keep Mini-Case Study

Industry: Global Logistics and Freight Forwarding

Size of business:4,300 employees across 5 continents


The local branch of the business was expanding and staff turnover was increasing. Management training had never been undertaken, and there was no internal HR expertise to support this change and growth.


All staff were interviewed to understand how they perceived their workplace. The results of the interviews showed that there were a number of misunderstandings due to a lack of formal communication and feedback. A number of skills gaps in the people leaders were also highlighted. All staff participated in a DiSC workshop to help improve communication, and all managers undertook a six-month coaching program.


Employee turnover decreased in the business, but it was more than that. The client gained a deeper understanding of what was happening for the team and was able to increase the capability of management. Now, the client is able to devote more time to running a profitable business.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Great question! Your first instinct might be to outsource your recruitment to an external agency. After all, they’ll do the majority of the heavy lifting and have a talent pool they can quickly pull from. But that can be quite an expensive exercise, and it’s a one-size-fits-all approach with some agencies.

Hiring Exceler8 as your internal recruitment consultant means you can pick and choose the recruitment help to suit your needs and budget. My priority is your business and your team, so I’ll go over and above to help you find the perfect candidate for the role.

Sound good? Get in touch today.

If you want me there, definitely. I want to be involved in your business and meet your team—it’s the best way for me to know what help is going to be beneficial. With the exception of lock downs (thank you, global pandemic), I’ll come onsite to work with your team and to deliver any training or workshops. 

I’d love to say you’ll see results overnight, but that’s simply not true. It comes down to which areas of recruitment and retention I’m helping you with and the strategies and actions we put in place.

If I’m helping with straightforward recruitment services, you’ll feel relieved straight away knowing that someone experienced is handling the ins and outs of those tasks. For longer-term retention strategies, you’ll feel confident you have a plan for the future. 

Growth starts with your

With practical HR advice and tailored coaching, I’ll personally support you and your people journey, so you can confidently take the next steps in your business.