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Are you a ‘Dubler’ Leader?

Dubler & Moloney

Tokyo 2020/2021.  They were games that weren’t supposed to happen.  They were the games we didn’t know we wanted but desperately needed.  But it wasn’t the gold medals that will leave a lasting impression.  It will be the golden nuggets of wisdom and strength from extraordinary athletes.

To quote a few of the more memorable comments:

  • Pat Tiernan: feeling stuffed? Get up.
  • Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward: Georgia Godwin
  • ‘You’re a f**king fighter’ said the triathlon winner from Belgium to the last-placed Norwegian.
  • And Emily Seebohm’s message: you think your best days are behind you? They don’t have to be.

This year, more than ever, we can sympathise with loss, disappointment and struggles.  But we can also draw simple yet impactful lessons of empathy and humility.  This could not have been more apparent than Cedric Dubler’s support of Ash Moloney’s bronze medal decathlon performance. 

When asked about Dubler’s role in his win, Moloney’s response was:

‘Yeah, he’s very important. He keeps me honest all the time. He always calls me out when I’m being a bit of an idiot. Or slacking. I can’t thank him any more”.

What Dubler did for Moloney, can be summarised in 3 parts.

  1. He was in the trenches with him – Dubler knew what Moloney was going through.  He was beside him throughout the 2-day event.  And, in the heat of the 1500m, he kept an eye on the other ‘threats’ to Moloney’s position, coaching him in the race.
  2. Dubler sacrificed his own position for Moloney – Dubler knew he wasn’t in with a chance but he saw the opportunity for Moloney.  Even with his own hamstring injury, Dubler focused on Moloney’s success.
  3. Dubler celebrated Moloney’s win with passion and humility – there wasn’t an ounce of disappointment or sadness from Dubler.  He was pumping his fist over the finish line in last place like he had won the entire competition when he saw Moloney’s position.

The majority of us, as people leaders, are not training Olympic athletes (however one of my clients is, that’s another story).  But we are running our own version of a decathlon.  It’s the people involved in our business that help us achieve the gold, silver or bronze medal we desire.

So, I ask you.  Are you a ‘Dubler’ leader? 

How do you show up for your team? 

How do you ‘keep them honest’ in a way that lifts them to new levels of performance? 

How do you ‘call them out’ but still have them thanking you in the long run? 

How do you ‘manage, coach AND mentor’ your people?  Which hat do you wear?

Many people leaders think the Manager Hat is the only one they need to wear.  Directing, delegating, performance managing, the Go-To person.  That is not ‘Doing a Dubler’.  You need to think of the elements of coaching and mentoring and know when to use them.  Because when you do, you have a gold medal performance

To understand what changes you can make to tap into your inner ‘Dubler’, download our Management in the Spotlight to take a ‘management selfie’ today.   

The world (and your business) needs your Olympic best performance every day – not once every (about) 4 years.

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