Curiouser and Curiouser!

Personality Profiling - Exceler8 - Image of a brunette man standing at the end of a table talking to his team mates.

Have you ever had this same thought as Alice in Wonderland, about the people involved in your business? Whether it’s staff, clients, peers or perhaps your business partner, there always seems to be times that surprise, or even shock, you at their reaction.  So many times I have heard people don’t understand why they can…

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Employees: Can’t grow with them, can’t grow without them.

Employee Management - Exceler8 - Image of a team working around wooden table with tablets and laptops

How many times have you said to yourself, if only I didn’t have to employ people? It would be so much easier to employ robots but let’s face it, it would be pretty boring….and I wouldn’t have a job. With all jokes aside (I hear you say ‘what you were joking!!!’), if growth in your…

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