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Supporting your business’s people journey, now and into the future

Supporting your business’s people journey, now and into the future

The Internet is a wealth of information. When you’ve got a burning HR question, it’s easy to just google it. But how do you know the information is relevant, credible and correct—especially as HR legislation within Australia evolves and compliance requirements change? The answer is easy. Choose a reliable source who has expertise and experience delivering effective HR solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The Exceler8 HR Happenings Blog aims to provide useful, actionable and interesting HR resources to help business owners, leaders and employees. From start-ups to large corporations, you’ll find authentic and accurate information to help your business with HR and more.

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HR Haunts and Horrors: Unmasking Workplace Mysteries

What keeps you up at night? I bet it isn’t ghouls and goblins… it’s HR nightmares? Yes, we all have them. Whether it be a Corporate Crypt Keeper, the Office Phantom, or simply ‘Ghostbusting that elusive perfect employee’, our businesses can become our version of Halloween. Now is the perfect time to craft your ghoulishly…


So this is Christmas….is the (talent) war over?

Recently, I presented to people leaders all the way down the East Coast, and asked them, ‘what are your challenges as a people leader right now?’  I wouldn’t be telling you anything surprising when I say that a barrage of HR headaches were thrown out there: If only we could grow our business without people!…


Is it time to get vulnerable?

R U Ok?  Only yesterday, a colleague mentioned she is seeing so many more mental wellbeing issues in workplaces.  So there is a conversation and subsequent actions that needs to happen but haven’t we been doing that for years?  Where is the change we need to see? In pondering this, I take inspiration from Ed…

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Are You Quietly Quitting?

Chances are good that either you or your team would answer yes. I read an article on this quietly quitting concept and it’s interesting how buzzwords are now being used for well-known phenomena. It’s a ‘new’ TikTok trend that in my view, is simply regaining boundaries between work and life….or some may view it as…

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6 HR Megatrends to Watch Over the Next Decade

I have to confess. I didn’t come up with the term Mega Trends. My father tells me it was a bestselling book published in 1990 (Google says it was too). But it was adopted as the title of the recent Advisory Board Centre’s Mega Trends Summit 2022. The glossy brochure proclaimed the summit’s goal was…

Listen to what top candidates are telling us

Recruiting? What candidates AREN’T telling you….or you’re not listening

Recruitment.  Hands up if it’s doing your head in? I’m currently supporting an unprecedented (yes, that word again!) number of clients planning to grow their team or replace team members.  Of course retaining the right employees (download my retention tips) is the best way to avoid recruitment headaches but we all have to recruit at…

Sharing the workplace love

Love is in the air

Is love really in the air? (I’m not talking about the current season of MAFS!) In case you have missed it – Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. But who needs a valentine when your employees love you . . . right? Did you respond – “You’re dreaming Melissa. (And besides, I love chocolates)”? I know…

COVID 2022

So that was Christmas (but the war is not over)🎶

January 2022. Is it a déjà vu or Groundhog Day? Probably a mix of both with a little ‘feeling like death warmed up’.  My family is one of the many millions of Australians stuck in isolation as close contact or sick with COVID. Unfortunately, we are the latter so it’s a fun time with 2…

Leave liability (2)

Leave liability – are you exposed? Here’s your sunscreen

Summer is coming.  Borders are opening.  We can smell mango in the air and 2022 is just around the corner.  We are all cautiously hoping the new year will be a vast improvement on 2021. Most importantly, will it give us the freedom to plan (dare I say it?) a holiday?     Whatever your holiday plans are,…

Emma leaves The Wiggles to reassess and realign

Is it the Great Resignation?

OH NO! That’s the collective cry of anguish (expletives deleted) of parents and grandparents around Australia at the earth-shattering news when Emma Watkins announced she was leaving The Wiggles. Of course, like most kids under 4, my kids quickly moved on to asking, “what’s for dinner?” or “he’s got my teddy”, but I certainly took…