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Build a strong, capable team who support your business dreams

Build a strong, capable and satisfied

team who support your business dreams

team building and workplace culture -

Your business is growing, but are your people?

Your business is growing, but are your people?

Business is good. You're hitting targets, everyone seems to be getting along, and tricky business issues are few and far between. So, what's the problem?

  • Do you really know how your team is tracking?
  • Could they be doing better?
  • Do you have the foundations for growth in your business and team?

These are all valid questions to be asking yourself, and the only real way to know how your team are tracking is a deep dive into how they’re thinking, what they’re experiencing in the workplace and the results they’re achieving. The last thing you want is to keep going around in circles and never hitting that next level.

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Melissa was lovely to work with, a positive, energetic and respectful facilitator. I appreciated that she took the time to ask questions about my team ahead of time to understand the team dynamic and what support we were looking for from the coaching sessions.

Dominque | Specialist Integration


15 Employees

Small business HR consultant Brisbane - Exceler8
Small business HR consultant Brisbane - Exceler8 (1)

OMG - Melissa is fantastic. We started working with Melissa to look at Disc profiling for our team and looking at our strengths and weaknesses. We ended up with Melissa writing a fantastic job advert and attracting the exact people we were looking for to compliment our team. I cant recommend Melissa enough.

Matt Butcher | Director

My Broker Solutions

5 Employees

Small business HR consultant Brisbane - Exceler8

Team building begins with benchmarks

Team building begins with benchmarks

When you hear 'team building', what do you think? You're probably thinking of games and bonding activities that aim to bring your team closer. Am I right? 

These types of morale-building exercises have their time and place. They're a great way for the team to get to know each other and, often, to let their guard down. But as a business owner, are they really the best investment you can make to increase your productivity and improve your workplace culture? 

When you choose Exceler8 to help build and strengthen your team, you're investing not only in your people but in your business. 

Team Building Consultant - Exceler8

We’ll rely on inclusive and comprehensive data to determine if you’ve got a platform for growth.  Most importantly, your satisfaction level with your business and team is the key driver for change.

  • Growth diagnostic

    We kick off with a comprehensive diagnostic that considers whether your business has the foundations for growth. 

  • Business owner and employee survey

    Surveys are conducted to gather those all-important insights from both the employees and you as the business owner.  These points of view are equally important but are rarely jointly considered.

  • Business benchmarking analysis

    Armed with heaps of valuable data, it’s time to consider what’s going to give your business the biggest bang for buck in terms of strategy and solutions.

  • Decision time

    Don't worry, I won't waltz in and tell you what you have to do. Nope, we'll figure your next team-building steps out together.

  • DiSC workshops

    These focus on the personalities and working styles within your business so your team can improve communication and productivity.

  • Additional coaching and mentoring

    This is where I work with your people leaders to help them develop the skills and confidence to nurture and further strengthen your team.

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Management in the Spotlight

Management in the Spotlight

Complete the Management Selfie quiz and discover the 3 winning management strategies to becoming a high-performing business. 

Grow your people and your business grows too

Seriously, I'm not making that up. Your people are the backbone of your business success. An engaged team that's well-equipped and confident will help your business soar to the heights you've been dreaming of. But the challenge for you is knowing where the strengths and limitations lie for your team as individuals and as a whole. 

My approach to team building and a positive workplace culture is based on data. This might seem like an unusual approach, and if you've worked with other HR consultants, you'll come to learn that it's fairly unique. I'm also not the kind of consultant to dish out directions. This is an inclusive process where everyone—management, leadership and employees—needs to contribute to achieving the best results. 

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Build Mini-Case Study

Industry: Metals and Mining

Size of business: 80,000 employees


A new remote working team was formed during COVID lockdown, but they were not aligned or truly integrated in the way they were working together.


The entire team undertook DiSC assessments and participated in a four-hour team building workshop to take a deep dive into the effectiveness of the working relationships. Follow-up coaching was also provided with key working pairs to give practical, everyday examples of how to use DiSC.


The team became better aligned and discovered a new perspective when it comes to understanding others and their behaviours. This change has led to a more satisfied and productive team, which is great for business!

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Yes, for sure. It all comes down to what your business needs are. In saying that, there’s a huge benefit to investing in the full diagnostic and benchmarking process. The insights you’ll get really are valuable and can help you make confident and informed decisions about what to do next with your team.

Why not get in touch, and we’ll chat more about this?

Time is money, right? Don't worry, the initial diagnostic and benchmarking process can usually be carried out in four to six weeks. It's the strategy and implementation phase that can take a little longer, but you will drive what investment you want to make in the change.

My approach is unique and data-driven; it’s not based on assumptions. I’m here to help you gain a better understanding of your staff so you can make the improvements you need to make to take your business and your team to the next level. At the end of the day, my goal is to make sure that any investments you make in HR or team building are going to produce results in the areas you need it the most. I’m not about wasting our time or your money. 

Growth starts with your

With practical HR advice and tailored coaching, I’ll personally support you and your people journey, so you can confidently take the next steps in your business.