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Have you ever had this same thought as Alice in Wonderland, about the people involved in your business? Whether it’s staff, clients, peers or perhaps your business partner, there always seems to be times that surprise, or even shock, you at their reaction.  So many times I have heard people don’t understand why they can work really well with some, while others just frustrate them.

The good news is there is an explanation but first you need to be speaking the same language; that language is personality.  Imagine understanding what your employee’s comfort level is with change or what your new client’s risk profile is even before you work with them? Or how to work with someone when a decision needs to be made or when things get tense? This is all based on understanding someone’s personality.

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Let me give you some tips when it comes to the right personality profiling as there are many types of personality profiling and all have validity.  However some seem to be a useless and expensive pile of paper, it is a pointless exercise if you have someone else interpret it every time you want to use it.

Effective personality profiling should give you an understanding of how you interact with the world, how others see the world and, based on this knowledge, how to build effective relationships. My number one tip, make sure you understand what is written in the profile and have an action plan to apply it. It should be written in plain English and have information you can apply in real life scenarios.

So if this knowledge could be useful for you, make sure you can use the tool to increase the effectiveness of your relationships. My clients and I are raving fans of DiSC profiling as it gives us this understanding and most importantly, how to effectively apply this to our working relationship. Secretly, I think we use it outside of work too.

Don’t be in your own ‘Wonderland’, be curious about the other ‘lands’ out there.

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