Tired of your key staff leaving?

Know what the secrets are to employee retention

Know what the secrets are to employee retention

Have you invested heavily in your staff, only to have them resign months later?  Did you make business growth plans based on staff and then received that heartbreaking resignation letter on those exact staff members? 

In this guide, you'll discover the 5 secrets to employee retention. And, I also unveil what the top 5 issues are for employees (and sneak peek, it’s not just about money).

The Retention Debate - Exceler8

There are clear and actionable steps to understand what is happening in your business and make a difference in each individual employee day-to-day.  And there isn’t a bean-bag or slide (thanks Google) in sight.

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About Exceler8

HR Keynote Speaker - Queensland - Melissa Langton (2)

Melissa Langton is a sought-after HR coach, advisor and strategist.

She’s also the director of Exceler8, a Brisbane-based HR consultancy that helps business owners get real with their HR. Referred to by her clients as ‘the people paracetamol’, Melissa helps business owners say ‘goodbye’ to HR headaches and ‘hello’ to the perfect people formula to support their business.

As a business owner herself, Melissa also knows firsthand the mix of pleasure and pain business owners experience when it comes to launching, scaling and planning the future of their business. It’s an emotional rollercoaster ride, and ongoing or unknown HR issues only add to this pressure. Through her unique, data-driven processes and models, Melissa’s approach to uncovering the right HR solution is holistic and personal.

Contact Melissa via email at Melissa@exceler8.com.au or call on 0408 757 663