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Supporting your business’s people journey, now and into the future

Supporting your business’s people journey, now and into the future

The Internet is a wealth of information. When you’ve got a burning HR question, it’s easy to just google it. But how do you know the information is relevant, credible and correct—especially as HR legislation within Australia evolves and compliance requirements change? The answer is easy. Choose a reliable source who has expertise and experience delivering effective HR solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The Exceler8 HR Happenings Blog aims to provide useful, actionable and interesting HR resources to help business owners, leaders and employees. From start-ups to large corporations, you’ll find authentic and accurate information to help your business with HR and more.

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Copy of Team Building and Workplace Culture - Exceler8

Attracting Employees & Top Talent

2021.  With the ‘training’ we all received in 2020, we thought 2021 was going to be cinch. Wow, how wrong we were. Now the challenge of attracting employees is rearing it’s head. For any business trying to recruit at the moment, it’s not about finding top talent…..any talent is proving difficult. Unlike a peacock, you…

HR Mistakes

Top 3 HR Mistakes You are Making Right Now

Yes, I know, making a mistake is a learning experience. But it can be an expensive experience, whether in dollar terms or a loss of a relationship with your team. It is far better if you can learn the lesson without the cost so here are 3 mistakes I hope you avoid. The definition of…

Dubler & Moloney

Are you a ‘Dubler’ Leader?

Tokyo 2020/2021.  They were games that weren’t supposed to happen.  They were the games we didn’t know we wanted but desperately needed.  But it wasn’t the gold medals that will leave a lasting impression.  It will be the golden nuggets of wisdom and strength from extraordinary athletes. To quote a few of the more memorable…

When WFM bites you in the bum

When working from home bites you in the a$$…..literally!!

Currently, my work colleagues are a 3 ½ and 2-year-old and today we hit an all-time low.  My 2-year old’s melty involving him biting me on the a$$!!  Needless to say, we were both in tears. Now I’m not sharing because I think I’m the only parent suffering this working from home fate.  Parents with…

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Top 5 HR Headaches

What is your number 1 business problem? If it is employing people (those HR Headaches), you probably already know you are not alone. Many business owners are card-carrying members of the “Bring on the robots” party! It’s also true that people are the key to growth in your business and that means that we must navigate the…

Working from home challenges

Making Working from Home, Work

One of the twists and turns of 2020 was the working from home phenomenon. Until there are satisfactory vaccination levels, we can bank on having Marty McFly ‘Back to the Future’ moments with continuous working from home government mandates. Many large businesses adopted a hybrid-working model a long time ago and had the systems and…

Team Development and Intelligences - Exceler8 - Image of a brunette lady holding a picture above her head of a black hand drawn light bulb

Intelligences and Team Development

I seem to be spending a lot of my time in planes lately, which has the advantage of allowing me to catch up on reading articles of more general interest. Last week I read a couple of articles that particularly attracted my attention from the point of view of team development for any small business. Team development is…

Personality Profiling - Exceler8 - Image of a brunette man standing at the end of a table talking to his team mates.

Curiouser and Curiouser!

Have you ever had this same thought as Alice in Wonderland, about the people involved in your business? Whether it’s staff, clients, peers or perhaps your business partner, there always seems to be times that surprise, or even shock, you at their reaction.  So many times I have heard people don’t understand why they can…

Employee Management - Exceler8 - Image of a team working around wooden table with tablets and laptops

Employees: Can’t grow with them, can’t grow without them.

How many times have you said to yourself, if only I didn’t have to employ people? It would be so much easier to employ robots but let’s face it, it would be pretty boring….and I wouldn’t have a job. With all jokes aside (I hear you say ‘what you were joking!!!’), if growth in your…