Imagine having the confidence to make HR decisions for your business

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Imagine having the confidence to make the right

HR decisions for your business

Melissa Langton - HR Consultant - Exceler8

Hi, I’m Melissa Langton, and I’m your people paracetamol

Hi, I’m Melissa Langton, and I’m your people paracetamol

Yes, I said 'people paracetamol' because I understand the HR headaches (or, could they be migraines?) that many business owners suffer as a result of poor HR strategies, high turnover rates or troublesome employees.

No two businesses are alike, and neither are the HR frameworks and policies that form the backbone of those businesses. Choosing to work with Exceler8 means choosing to invest in the right HR for your business.

If you've been feeling bogged down, unsure or too busy to get your HR ducks in a row, you need me on your team.


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As a small business, our teams' ability to communicate effectively is fundamental to our ability to support each other, our clients and ultimately, the success of our business. Thank you, Mel, for facilitating an excellent DiSC workshop that provided the foundations for self-reflection, the space to understand each other and identify the support needed for professional development. Moving forward, I look to seeing how the workshop's tools and strategies will help us foster a positive and productive environment. I would (and have) highly recommended Mel to anyone looking for HR support.

Alana Rauert | Director

Muse Communications

5 Employees

Small business HR consultant Brisbane - Exceler8
Small business HR consultant Brisbane - Exceler8 (1)

Melissa is a breathe of fresh air to work with, clearly capable, engaged and inserted herself into our business in a meaningful way. Our employees trust her and she is skilled in navigating some precarious situations with finesse.

I am also excited by the way she utilises programs including DISC that improve communication, collaboration and influence which have been very well accepted by the team.

I would highly recommend Melissa if you are looking for a fresh People & Culture approach that brings with it an energised personality and you have recognised opportunities to improve business efficiencies through collaboration.

Charles Pace | COO

Bishopp Group

60 employees

Small business HR consultant Brisbane - Exceler8

Valuable advice and support every step of the way

Valuable advice and support every step of the way

You've probably already noticed that Exceler8 is different from those other HR consulting services out there. As a business owner, I understand the emotional toll that HR decisions can take, and the last thing you want is complicated, difficult-to-implement HR strategies that add to that pressure.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you looking for an HR coach and consultant who’s not only experienced and knowledgeable but will become a real part of your team? Someone you can rely on to have your best interests at heart. A consultant who's responsive and firm, but never pushy.

Well, you've met her! Let me tell you more about what you can expect from the Exceler8 experience. 

Melissa Langton - Exceler8 HR

Trust & Integrity

No good can come from a relationship that’s not founded on trust and integrity—especially when it comes to your business. You’ll quickly come to realise that I have your back, both by tapping into my HR experience and by providing personalised support. Your business goals and your people are my top priority.

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I’ll openly and honestly help you make the right changes to support your people journey. There’s no hidden agenda, no pushy sales talk, and definitely no leading you down the wrong garden path when you choose Exceler8. I’m truthful and respectful, and I pride myself on helping you make informed decisions.

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Yes! HR doesn’t have to be dull and onerous. My goal is to help you realise that even with something as serious as HR, you can have fun. You can cut loose a little and allow yourself the space to breathe and relax. That doesn’t mean we won’t put in the hard yards, because we will, but we’ll enjoy the journey together.

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This isn’t a one-way, dead-end street. It will take commitment. It will take time. And, most of all, it will take partnership. There’s no point in me walking into your business dictating what must be done with your HR. You know your business and people best, and I’ll tap into that knowledge to partner with you to reach the right HR solutions for your needs. 

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Unlocking the code for High Performing Businesses

Unlocking the code for High Performing Businesses

Assess how your business is performing and discover the five solutions that will take you and your business to the next level

No-nonsense, straight-up HR advice and support

No-nonsense, straight-up HR advice and support

I swore I'd never be in business. As the daughter of a small business owner, I experienced first-hand what being in business meant. Pressure, time away from family, tough decisions and uncertainty. But, during my career, as an employee, I became exhausted from not being able to make a real difference in the businesses that I was working in. And, after being made redundant for the third time, I knew that something had to change. 

There was this moment of realisation when I stumbled upon a unique set of HR tools. I knew right then and there that those tools and my skills would have a hugely positive impact on business owners and leaders struggling with the HR side of their business.

This is where many people would say 'and that's how my business was born'. But the truth is, Exceler8 was my dad's business advisory company. And for many reasons, Exceler8 evolved into a holistic, one-of-a-kind HR consultancy where clients come first. After all, it had always been a company focussed on helping business owners achieve their dreams.

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Get to know Melissa

Get to know Melissa

In the spirit of being open, honest and a little bit fun, here are some titbits you might not know about me. I like...

  • 01. To watch:

    a binge-worthy series I’m usually years behind everyone else (prime example, Breaking Bad).

  • 02. To drink:

    copious amounts of coffee in the AM and occasional wine in the PM

  • 03. To Visit

    anywhere my kids can run themselves ragged—with good coffee nearby

  • 04. To listen:

    to any 90s or 2000s dance music playlist or latest podcast

  • 02. To unwind...

    I would love the time to complete a cross-stitch, just as my Nana taught me

Growth starts with your

With practical HR advice and tailored coaching, I’ll personally support you and your people journey, so you can confidently take the next steps in your business.